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Our Mission

Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare services

Our mission is to revolutionise access to allied health services for NDIS and aged care recipients through an online booking platform that promotes convenience, choice, and quality care. We believe everyone deserves access to quality healthcare services, and we are committed to making it easier for NDIS and aged care recipients to connect with qualified allied health practitioners.

What is Connector Co?

Connector Co is a pioneering online booking platform dedicated to simplifying the process of accessing allied health services. Our platform connects NDIS and aged care recipients with a wide range of health professionals, offering an easy, three-step process to search, select, and secure health services.

What does it cost for participants?

Our platform is completely free for participants. NDIS and aged care recipients can sign up and use Connector Co without any cost. We believe in facilitating accessible healthcare services, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to seamlessly connect with the care they need without financial burden.

Who is Connector Co meant for?

Connector Co is designed for NDIS participants, aged care recipients, support coordinators, and, health service providers. Whether you’re seeking quality health services or are a provider looking to streamline your booking process, our platform is tailored to meet your needs efficiently.

How does it help service providers?

Connector Co aids service providers by offering a streamlined platform for managing bookings and client interactions. Providers benefit from features like real-time scheduling, transparent pricing and efficient service agreement management, enhancing service delivery and maximising clinician utilisation. This system reduces administrative overhead, allowing providers to focus on quality care.

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